Saturday, February 9, 2008

RIP Rollei...

Over winter break I was trying to get into my car with a lot of stuff in my arms and off rolled my Rolleicord. Smash went the ground glass and mirror and god knows what else inside it... I couldn't even look! It was so sad and horrifying. After all the escapades we'd been though... all the things we'd seen and exploited... it was all over. Just like that. I will miss its spontaneous light-leaks and 8 exposures per roll of film. I will miss its terrible view finder visibility and the weird-colored images it would make... You were a good camera.
~1936-2008~ RIP ROLLEI-FRIEND!

I mourned/ scavenged craigslist for about two weeks and finally found a really good deal on a gorgeous Hasselblad... a gorgeous Hasselblad with a lot of emotional issues (I now realize). Due to a series of various lame-sauce misfortunes I havent been able to get the thing to produce a single 'good' negative yet. It needs a therapist asap.
My friend Jess reminded me of a great quote today by Charlie Chaplin; "Nothing is permanent in this wicked world. Not even our troubles". This forced me to contemplate a lot of things... the pettiness of our everyday anxieties, the impermanence of this world, and most importantly how seriously rad it would be if someone you knew got a tat
too of Charlie Chaplin on their lower back. The ultimate tramp stamp.

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Whitney said...

That chaplin quote is my mantra right now.

Thank you for putting up so I could find it.