Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Bar Mitzvah and Other Tales of Living in Stereo

this is STELLAR.

I not-so-secretly want to be Michael Williams of Square America. His vintage photograph archive is just wonderful; here though he has put together a series of slide snapshots and made them into GIFS. They are just wild.


Friday, March 6, 2009

tonight is out of control.

yes yes it is.

So many very exciting art happenings to swing by. I have a few recommendations;

so I am very very stoked about the new gallery scene at Pretty Penny clothing on College Ave., the area seems more than ripe for some sort of creative space. The last show I went to there with works by Alice Tullar was pretty darn faboo if you ask me. Good times had by all.

There is another show opening at Pretty Penny tonight;

I can 100% vouch for at least 5 of these very talented people- this is going to be a really wonderful show curated my Miss Lauren Davis and DJed by Mr. Tom LG.
...besides if you're not into the scene (philistine!) then maybe you will be into the vintage sweaters and tiny shoes that they sell. I'm excited on all counts. 6-9 pm. Info's all on the flier above.

Second is the works by my friend Paul Solis;

5857 San Pablo Ave., Forthrite Printing, 6-9pm. More info on his site linked above.

And finally my favorite excuse to not brush my hair and ride a bike, it's First Friday!! Definitely come to all the openings at Oakland Art Murmur. You can go for the art OR the baked goods OR the primo people watching.

Anyway thats enough to make you feel lame if you decide not to go out tonight, right?
Its f*&%in' Friday! Woo and yay!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

woo-haa w-w-wednesdayyyy

so- in perfect sincerity, I want to thank absolutely everyone who made it out to my opening and the after-drinkage last Wednesday- I think fun was had by all (especially me... as most of you could tell) and the night couldn't have been more perfect if a limo pulled up and Rick Astley himself burst out of it to roll us all.

Thank you for making it a very special night.

here's a few shots from the evening...

...had to throw in a shot of Alice the Awesome.

thanks to Mr. Jesse Balthazaar Crimes for the photowork