Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where ya been? Where ya been?

Oh life.

If the universe made internets and bloggies, why then did it not also make a 25th hour of the day for us to sit and play with them?

Anyway, today the universe has been making it rain sideways... which means I am allowed to stay indoors and warm and have tea with half-warmed quesodillas and NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT...

I was interviewed recently by Taryn Cowart. She is starting an art blog called TALK TALK Collective, which she is using to exhibit and have a dialogue with artists. I'm excited to see how it grows. There's only two of us on there so far- but if you want the sweet deets on my post-grad life, check it out!

plans are a-brewin' to move back to the Golden State this summer...

stay tuned?