Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hi! I have been MIA for a while, not for any one particular reason... just keeping busy. Which, when you're unemployed (still...), deserves at least a small pat on the back.




I guess the first noteworthy busy-ness is that my Junebug In July cards are now on the market, yo! It's Offish'! Oblation Papers & Press in Portland's Pearl District is now stocking 5 different cards of mine, which is pretty awesome. I am trying to seek out a few more clients in town, but it hasn't been easy. I guess something about a cute, hip, eclectic, kitsch-y gift/ stationary shop leads me to assume that the women (I say 'women' because thus far they have *all* been women) who own them might be as cute, hip and eclectic as their business endeavor. As it turns out this doesn't tend to be the case. Today in fact the buyer for a Portland kitsch-y shop (which here shall remain nameless) remarked that many are too offensive for their "usual clientele". I hav to say I appreciated her frankness. I've received so many syrupy-smiles in the past few weeks I think I'm diabetic danger...
Anyway. Online order form soon to come.

and ALSO.....
I have signed up for ASL classes. Everyone has asked me why- I wont go into too much detail, suffice it to say that I feel absolutely, deeply COMPELLED to do so. I feel everyone should have at least have a basic understanding of sign language. Besides, its super fun. I'm not kidding, I had a great time. Too bad I didn't learn back when I was punished to sit on the other side of the classroom from my friends in 6th grade for too much a'tha chatta-chatta....

Finally, we took a really awesome day-trip east-ward along the Coumbia River to see the GORGE and its beautiful waterfalls. Photos from my Hassy wont be processed for a while yet- but got some with the digital.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ibán Ramón!

I haven't really done this before- but I want to recognize this really talented photographer I came across on Flickr the other day.
He's a Spanish (I believe) artist named Ibán Ramón. Apart from the "green-ness" a lot of his photos have, I really enjoy his aesthetic and love almost all of his portraits. They're like dutch paintings. So gorgeous. His website is here (though its all in Spanish) and his Flickr site is here. Check him out, I'm a fan.

Also check it out...
Ibán Ramón
Casper David Friedrich


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm featured on!

Thank you!

photo by Marlon Kowalski

blood, sweat, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

If any one of you have been near me on facebook or twitter in the past week or so, you probably noticed my shameless updating in regards to the "re-birth" and progress of my two websites:
Anyway. If you haven't been exposed to this audacity on facebook or twitter, I would like to inform you now of the rebirth and progress of my two websites, and used to be my primary art website, but I recently decided to separate the photography from the crafty-stuff. looks more or less just like the old website I had, just updated.

Anyway- the whole ordeal has taken waaay more time than I ever anticipated, and I can finally say they are where I want them to be. So take a look, pass it along, la la la la la.

Thanks for putting up with me, y'all.

Happy Tuesday.