Tuesday, February 19, 2008

in the Hizzouse?

So this was interesting. This weekend I went to LA to visit a bunch of old friends from various points in my life that I hadn't seen in a long time. On Saturday bunch of my friends from Emerson and I went to this dive bar in Tarzana (Tarzana!!) and hung out for a while. I had brought my digital 35 mm camera to take photos of friends, but after a while I noticed that there were some people there that I would make eye contact with, and they would automatically strike a pose. Bam. Like that. No prompting or anything. I instinctively took their picture quck before I thought they'd change their mind and then I'd marvel for a second at the absurdity of what just happened, and then move on. Eventually I figured out that they probably all thought I was one of those club photographers who work with some website that would post pictures of people who came there, so I guess i sort of played along. It was weird. I know tons of photographers, including myself, who spend so much time trying to seek out strangers who are willing to have their picture taken- and here I'd found this whole bar full of 'em- just throwing themselves in my line of fire!
So I thought I'd share that little nugget of information with my photo friends. Craigslist-models not cutting it? Drunk clubbers in the city. If nothing else it's entertaining-- Careful though. That first guy in red was so excited about the whole thing he stuffed in the lime, stuck the bottle in my face and all but poured that Corona down my throat. True story.

I bet he misses his teeth!

Also this is a great song. I would give my pinky toe to see him live--

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