Sunday, August 24, 2008

turning wine into water

Last weekend I photographed a fund raiser/concert/auction for a humanitarian organization created by my friend Tobias Rose-Stockwell. The organization is called Human Translation, and most of my friends and nearly all my family up in St. Helena have become more or less involved with it in one way or another- so needless to say each of us uttered one, big, collective (metaphorical) BOOYA after having raised over $180,000 at the event last Saturday.

CONGRATULATIONS Tobias for possessing such a completely contagious case of human decency and enabling us all to take part in it, and to everyone else- board members, performers and volunteers- involved who inevitably lost sleep (and in my case cuticles) in making it happen!

You can read about the event and view the photos here.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dear Old Greenland

Friends! Greenland is a place where souls go to dry out-
It is a vast and terrifying place of ice fields and tundra.

Bereft of fire,
and in the horror of its imposing irrelevance
there is a sort of peace...
A peace of pain, a peace of nothing.
Well friends I'll tell you what.
I'm going there.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

"...why, this is GOD'S COUNTRY!"

Last weekend a few of my dearest friends and I drove up to Canby, OR for another friend's wedding. Recently I've noticed how I (or other people) will go to a special occasion and put almost all my focus and energy on documenting the experience rather than living and enjoying it. But now everyone's asking me things like 'what was her dress like?' and 'were the groomsmen hot?' and 'are you serious you didn't get any photos of the wedding what is wrong with you', and now I sort of remember why maybe a little documentation is necessary.

Afterwards however I did get photos of nearly everything else- we drove up to Portland and spent a couple days schlepping around on bikes, drinking cocktails, drawing on our chalkboard hotel door, and getting cat-called by entire streets filled with excitable Mexican day-workers! It was a really great trip.

(we ran into Shannon and the Clams at Voodoo Donuts OH EMM GEE!!)


...and these are just the nikon, ese.