Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Farewell Barbarosa!!

Ladies and gentlemen, the writers strike has finally come to an end.

We can go back to business as usual... new episodes of Heroes and Lost, late night hosts can have their monologues back so Leno can continue to make Clinton jokes, the Oscars can happen and so on....

With the gain of progress and success within the WGA, comes great loss. The real tragedy here will be the destruction of the most sublime work of nature this world has known in recent years...
...Conan's beautiful strike-beard.
I will miss that ginger shrub...

Seriously though. I know a lot of people think its lame and lost all its values and glamor, but I love the Oscars. And I think the red carpet is entertaining on so many levels... and I mean come on. Joan Rivers is monumental. She was born in 1933. How many other people do you know that can rock the stilettos, interview like 12 celebrities in an hour *and* say they were alive during the depression?? Not to mention she's like, 40% plastic. Kind of like Robin Williams in Bicentennial Man! She will live to see the end of us all! What a rock.

ALSO! Before I forget.
The CCA Osaka Print-Exchange show reception is tomorrow from 5:30 to 7:30. Basically its a big collection of selected artwork from a bunch of work submitted by CCA students- and from what I've seen it looks *really* spectacular. Check it out if you're in the area! (free food!!! wine?)
["Pacific Overtures", Oliver Arts Center, CCA Oakland Campus]

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