Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Quiet Life Camera Club!

ever heard of it? Probably not.

The Quiet Life Camera Club is a website to which anyone of any level of photography can submit their work, and subsequently become a member. Every once in a while these guys will pick out a little bunch of the submissions and include it in their online photo gallery; some will even eventually make it to their nifty photo-zine which they put out every once in a while (I'm not sure how often).

Anyway- a while ago i submitted a couple photographs and they were kind enough to include one of them (my logo image!) in their online gallery.

Check it out! There's actually a few pretty stunning images in this collection.

Also- a few of you e-mailed me and asked about where all my other photos were. I have all my important sites linked on my profile here, but the best gallery I've got is on my Flickr page. Also if you've never seen my website, y'all should check it out. I uploaded a new flash series there over the break.

Hope everyone had a great food-induced coma last weekend! If any of you missed out I bet Fuddruckers probably has some affordable food-coma substitute you could get in on. Bring the kids! They'll give you crayons!


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