Thursday, November 22, 2007

Photography Show at Oliver Arts Center

Next (not this!) Wednesday The Photo Collective is putting on an all-photo show featuring CCA students and faculty. It will be curated by CCA alum, David Huff (creator of American Mythologies and curator at Pro Arts).
It's looking like it's going to be a really great show! There's going to be some extremely talented people participating, I think including Jim Goldberg and Larry Sultan (both who are showing work right now in the Stephen Wirtz Gallery and MoMA SF) and the reception should be much fun.
I also found out yesterday the my piece "Pfeiffer" is will be exhibited in the show! There will be lots of interesting people with weird hair, tattoos and ear gauges. Wine... food....... that's many reasons. Unless there's some fantastic Holiday movie coming out that same evening, I suggest you try to make it out.

That being said- Queen Latifah's "The Perfect Holiday" looks life changing... might be a tough call.


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