Friday, December 3, 2010


First of all- I feel the need to plead ignorance. I know this guy's pretty bad news... I know I should not revere him like I seem to do.
However I cannot help but be totally fascinated by Putin's PR tactics. It's unreal! He rides horses shirtless, he spoke about the importance of rap music at a youth rally, he released his own instructional Judo DVD, and, most important of all, he apparently loves animals. I mean I know people always commented on how much Hitler loved his dog, Blondie (...Blondie.), but Putin's taken the whole Dr.-Doolittle-political-distraction-tactic to a whole new level.
That being said, I do genuinely believe he likes these animals. Perhaps when you've committed so many atrocities and come to view human-kind in such a way they're the only things you can actually relate to anymore.
Anyway- here is the collection of photos I've gathered over the years (yes. years.)
Check it-
 Its all a bit fishy if you ask me. But until I forsake ignorance and start actually reading about the KGB and current events in Georgia and Ukraine, I cant complain.


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Pen and Paperie said...

Whoa. I must say, didn't see that coming - Putin a lover of animals. I am not sure what I make of this...
Thanks so sharing!