Friday, May 7, 2010

the Coffee Quest.

Like... nothing to do with photography. Except that photos happened.

Today was my day off! and with three weeks and counting to go in Portland I realized I have a lot of catching up to do in terms of really taking advantage of the Coffee-Mecca that is the Northwest. It might be too late to make the rounds up in Seattle, but Portland... ohhhh Portland.

today I went on a Coffee Quest.

Here's the list:

I made it to five. My left eye hurts. My mouth tastes like warm salad. But I did it. I did it.

First stop: BARISTA! Serra Do Bonè by Coava Roasters

Thanks Brian!


Thanks Tom and Drew!

EXTRACTO! "Eleven"

my team! Thanks Matt!

THE ALBINA PRESS! "Hairbender" by Stumptown Roasters

Thanks bummed out barista!


Thanks awesome guys whos' names I couldn't hear above the buzzing in my head!

...and as the sun is once again smothered by storm clouds, and my heart rate starts to return to normal, so ends today's coffee quest.

I dont feel pretentious enough to list all the characteristics of each of the espressos... but I will say Sterling definitely impressed me quite a bit today. A+ experience, vest-friends!

I have a lot more to get off that list in the next 21 days. Maybe less than 5 in one day next time.
I dont feel good...


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