Tuesday, March 16, 2010

La Pura Vida

Miss Monika with the skinned elbows is a very popular lady this month! The Vermont Photo Place show, a CD album cover (yyyup. I'll tell you all about it another time. I have been awake since some unholy hour.), and now not one but TWO online photo galleries...!

I'm pretty sure I've had the image on this blog many many times already- so here's another image from the show that I really liked by David Bruckner.

Check out the show- I really liked some of these- La Pura Vida


jes`si`ca. said...

ooooh, slice me off a piece of that cake.

Congratulations again NUFF!!!!!! I gots hella pizza burns you can totally take.

jes`si`ca. said...

oooh, slice me off a piece of that. rad photo.

Congratulations again NUFF!

I'm collecting a rather grand collection of pizza burns these days if ya wanna see 'em. or you can take a picture of my rash. ew. sorry.

can't wait till you visit!!!