Tuesday, February 2, 2010

blood, sweat, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

If any one of you have been near me on facebook or twitter in the past week or so, you probably noticed my shameless updating in regards to the "re-birth" and progress of my two websites:
Anyway. If you haven't been exposed to this audacity on facebook or twitter, I would like to inform you now of the rebirth and progress of my two websites, www.junebuginjuly.com and www.jessicacaisse.com.
Junebuginjuly.com used to be my primary art website, but I recently decided to separate the photography from the crafty-stuff. JessicaCaisse.com looks more or less just like the old website I had, just updated.

Anyway- the whole ordeal has taken waaay more time than I ever anticipated, and I can finally say they are where I want them to be. So take a look, pass it along, la la la la la.

Thanks for putting up with me, y'all.

Happy Tuesday.

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