Friday, January 22, 2010

for anyone unable to make it to Larry's memorial(s)--

last post on Larry- I swear-

I know of a lot of people who would have liked to make it to these events but could not, so I did a little documentin' and thought I would share it here for everyone;

Earlier this week a "pin up" (not what you think...) show was put together in honor of Larry in the Oliver Arts Center (CCA campus, Oakland). The evening after the opening was an open memorial for him at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, where several people including Robert Mailer Anderson, Sandra Phillips, Jim Goldberg and Larry's wife, Kelly, spoke to a crowd of over 500 (more details about the memorial are written here by Lifestyle).
It was a really touching ceremony. I have to say Robert Mailer Anderson took the cake... he was first to approach the podium, open bottle of 1946 Old Crow in hand, and immediately belted out "Anywhere I Lay My Head" by Tom Waits. It was great. I think everyone agreed Larry would have approved.

Here are some images I took from the Memorial Pin-Up Show in Oakland:

...I have questions about this...
!me and Larry at Sue's

Unfortunately I was less shutter-happy at the actual memorial in SF, but again, more details about the evening can be found at the link above.

(... I did get one photo.)

On another note I feel compelled to account for myself a little bit...
After a completely undeserved 33-day Christmas vacation home in California, I have finally returned to Portland and have officially entered the unemployement rat-race! ...!!!
I have dropped off roughly 7 to 10 resumes in the past two days. I think I would be a great hotel concierge. But my resume and hairdo disagrees with me.

I've also started up production of a bunch of new cards I've been negotiating selling to a local paper/ stationary/ letterpress shop here in P-Town, which would be exciting. I find it difficult to be creative and clever on command (...not such a good sign for an artist in this particular situation...), which I feel success at that kind of thing involves... but who knows what I'm capable of after begin stuck in my apartment for 5 hours with animal collective and lots of caffeine. I'll post some things tomorrow (or the next day or the next day) and see what you all think.

I'm currently in a muggy coffee place where Oprah Live is on TV and there's at least two people playing world of warcraft on their macbooks. Am I really in a position to be critical when I am blogging? I must have been crazy to bike here in this weather but I didn't want to pay for parking... I've decided it's kind of my punishment for not having any income but still buying music I've never heard on iTunes and a third bag of unground coffee.

Valentines day is coming! This is a good excuse to A: make and sell cards and B: listen to this great song:

enough media. Later, friends.

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