Friday, November 13, 2009

Jessica Skloven at Newspace, monsters with knife-heads, bad drivers, etc, etc...

A week ago we went to Jessica Skloven's show reception at Newspace Center for Photography... big fat gold star for Team Analog, yo'.

She's a CCA MFA Photography graduate. Her installation was really great and her CHROMOGENIC (bam.) prints and polaroids looked amazing. My crappy iPhone pictures don't really do either of them justice.
There are better images and a write-up on the Newspace gallery page.

If you're in the Portland area you should definitely swing by at some point and check them out, the show's up until the 29th.
Newspace Center for Photography, 1631 SE 10th Ave.

Portland is cold. And wet. I already caught a cold. I KNOW you all told me so... no need to remind me. In one of my more frustrated bed-ridden moments I made a greeting card in honor of the situation...

...but I am now up and active again and going to see basically the most amazing thing I have and will ever see tonight.
It's a Japanese monster movie from 1969 called Gamera vs. Guiron, which will be played on a big screen without sound, with dialogue and sound effects performed live by sound effect artists en scene.


In all seriousness and illnesses aside, Portland has been really great. As I think I've already expressed there's just a TON of interesting things going on all the time, and *amazing* beer and food, and nice people... the only thing I would truly complain about is everyone's terrible, terrible driving. I saw a man driving the wrong way up a one-way street the other day and honest-to god, watched two cars in front of me just calmly move out of his way and wait for him to pass. Doo-dee-doo, ops-a-daisy, excuse me I didn't mean to get in the way of your dangerous and illegal Monday night cruise-control fest. ...don't even get me started. I've never voluntarily flipped off so many nice, well-meaning people in my life.

I hope somebody warned these people I was coming. Oh well. There goes the neighborhood.

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jes`si`ca. said...

awe. this made me miss you.