Monday, September 28, 2009


I love suspension bridges.
These two in particular.
The one on the left is an obvious bridge for obvious reasons, and the one the the right is St. John's bridge in Portland, OR, where I'm officially moving to for about 2 months in November(!). Both were constructed at around the same time by two of the most prominent bridge engineers in the 1930's.
There is something very epic and strange about how these kind of bridges are constructed (or I guess at least if you went to art school with a very limited understanding of architecture or physics...).
I thought it was interesting that they each coincidentally resided in places that hold a lot of significance in my mind. A good sign?
Or you know. Maybe just a sign.

David Steinman, who engineered the St. John's Bridge also did this one:

which is beautiful too. The Mackinac Bridge. It's in Michigan I think.


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Gene said...

Yep, the Mackinaw bridge connects the lower peninsula of Michigan with the upper peninsula (Wikipedia article). Although I grew up in Michigan, I only went over the Mackinaw bridge a few times.