Wednesday, May 13, 2009


"We invest the breaking of our barriers with some tangible form if necessary. We try to think of it as a thing... We know that death dstroys nothing, leaves the totality of existence intact..."
Georges Bataille, Erotism


I am living post-academia-womb
life. The world is my big beautiful recession oyster. I am celebrating by taking a few days in the northwest to relax and re-calibrate. I've been reading all the dense, pretentious things I have been putting off reading (Proust, Bataille, Harry Potter book 6...) and hopefully I will start rebuilding my website sometime super soon.

Nothing really new to speak of outside of my new tableau rosa--- EXCEPT-

that if you are in the East Bay Area on the evening of May 15th, you should come check out the stellar art show reception at Pretty Penny curated by Lauren Davis:

(more details here...)

northwesterly! northwesterly!

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