Friday, February 6, 2009

the biggest mistake of your life.

[...and how to avoid it.]

I apologize I only ever post shows anymore. If you havent been going to any of them up to this point, well thats on your conscience I guess. But I'm pretty sure you will never ever forgive yourself if you miss out on this one. Like think of the time you told your friend you better things to do than go to the Fountains of Wayne concert last night and then today you found out that Neil Sedaka made a guest appearance and they all sang "Calendar Girls" together and it was amazing and you are so god-blessed angry at yourself and you cry into your keyboard and blog about it until the light from the monitor starts burning your eyes and you go make a sandwich instead.
Seriously, don't miss it. It's going to a good one.

Come out this Wednesday (the 11th) for Rosey Lako's bomb-ass photo exhibition.
There will be food.
There will be nudity.
There will be DJed music.
There will be... blood? debauchery? ...we just don't know!!!! you're just going to have to come see.

...only one more after this for a long time, i swear...

see you there

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