Saturday, December 27, 2008


6:45 am in Tahoe. just some new inklings...


Come show love for the paintin' folks at Art Murmur this Friday!
Mua (2442 Webster, Oakland)/ 01.02.09/ 7 pm.

my favorite Jessica Schmidt will be showing her lovely paintings.

I'm still always very surprised when East Bay-folk tell me they've never been to the Art Murmur. I actually never got a chance to go till September, but I can now say it is a must. It's an amazingly vibrant and fun community get together.
Think like block party with more art and vegan desserts and handcrafted things for sale and less awkward neighbors with beer koozies.

unless you're into that. In which case you might wanna come anyway, I'm sure you could find someone near the barbecue. BYOKoozie.

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