Saturday, July 12, 2008

Everly schmeverly.

One of my favorite things of all time are covers. I am of the opinion that there can never be too many versions of an awesome song.

My best friend made me a mix cd with a lot of oldies on it and it included that 'Dream' song by the Everly Brothers. I totally forgot how nice that song feels in my ears! And I thought the only thing that would make it supremely badass is a ukulele--
so I did a cover;

Jessica CaisseAll I Have To Do
(i think you just click on the song name.)

ALSO! Tomorrow is the opening for an awesome looking photo show in the city which I cannot make it to- which is uber lame. It's featuring my friend Sean McFarland- who also used to be my photo teacher. He makes really really beautiful images--
The show is at the Marx & Zavattero Gallery on 77 Geary St. Click that-a link for my info, yo'.

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