Friday, January 25, 2008

It's January 25th! Merry Christmas! (Pt. I-> Holiday Light Huntin')

This is going to have to be a three parter. Its almost 1 am and I have to read at least five chapters of Silence of the Lambs tonight (yes. very creepy).
I meant to post these ages and ages ago. Christmas break was super-rad! I had many many great experiences- and subsequently great photo opps.
A couple nights before Christmas, Whitney and I went out to dinner and afterwards drove around taking long exposures of Christmas light displays... and eventually the project ah.... evolved.
We made it to Yountville and back to St. Helena and found a field where the fog was just starting to come in. It caught the light during the long exposures and lit up the sky like it was early in the morning- but the whole time the sky was pretty dark. I know I'm pro-analog and all- but these came out *awesome*. 10 points for team digital.

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